Toilet training

Tips for toilet training when you bring your dog home.
Written by Mayhew team
Updated 2 years ago

The majority of our adult dogs will already be toilet trained but they may need a few reminders. When you first arrive home take them out into the garden and wait with them until they have relieved themselves. When they do go, give calm praise. 

Don’t expect your dog to ‘tell you’ that they need to go outside as not all dogs will have been taught this. Remember that an adult dog will want to urinate every three to four hours, so give them plenty of opportunities to relieve themselves outdoors. 

Don’t ever take your dog’s water away as a way of reducing urinating. If they’re thirsty, they should be allowed to drink, and if you do this they will only drink excessively when you give the water back. 

Poop scoop 

You have an obligation to clear up and dispose of your dog’s faeces, and there are bylaws enforcing this. Always take ‘poo bags’ with you when you take your dog out. We would recommend using bio-degradable bags. 

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