How to check your dog's ears

Our Vet Nurses show you how to gently check your dog's ears for problems.
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Updated 2 years ago

This article was written by Mayhew Head Nurse, Charlotte Whalley.

Does your dog seem irritated by their ears? Watch this useful video, which will tell you what to look for and how best to help your dog.

When checking your dog’s ears, keep an eye on their body language – if there is any discomfort or pain, your dog will show you. They might shake their head, make some noises of discomfort or back away. If there is a bad smell coming from the ear this can also be a sign of a problem. If this is the case, contact your vet.

When taking a look in your dog’s ear, start by gently stoking the area around the face and ears. This will allow you to monitor their body language. If they show no signs of discomfort, lift up the ear gently so that you can see inside. You will be looking for any redness, excessive build-up of wax or any discharge. If you spot any of these, or are unsure, we recommend you contact your vet as soon as possible.

Don’t use anything to clean your dog’s ears, such as cotton buds, as these can cause damage to the ear.

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