How to give your cat a pill

Our Vet Nurses show you the easiest way to give your cat a pill.
Written by Mayhew team
Updated 1 year ago

This article was written by Mayhew Head Nurse, Charlotte Whalley.

Watch our quick and easy guide on how to give your cat a pill or tablet. If your cat can be a little wriggly, Charlotte has some handy tips on how to help.

There are a number of reasons why your vet might prescribe tablets to give to your cat. Let your cat get comfortable with you by giving them a nice little fuss before you try to give them their tablet.

Then, place the tablet between your fingers and hold your cat firmly on their head, opening their mouth with your finger. Pop the tablet gently to the back of the throat, allow them to close their mouth, and then give them a little stoke on their neck to encourage them to swallow.

If your cat is a little bit wrigglier, it can be helpful to gently wrap them in a towel, making sure paws are nice and safely tucked away.

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