What is enrichment?

An introduction to pet enrichment
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What is ‘enrichment’?

You will often hear pet owners and trainers talk about enrichment, but what is this and why is it an important aspect of our cats’ and dogs’ lives?

Enrichment is a term that refers to any form of mental stimulation for your pet. Enrichment also provides opportunities for your pet to express species appropriate behaviours. When we talk about enrichment, this covers a range of activities and exercises that are designed to encourage our pets to challenge and exercise their brains.

Providing your dog or cat with adequate and appropriate enrichment and entertainment will ensure they are healthier, happier and more relaxed.

There are plenty of ways in which you can enrich the life of your pet, and our team have gathered some fun tips and tricks to help you incorporate enrichment ideas into your daily routine.

An introduction to enrichment

Feeding time is a great time to get your pet’s brain working a little harder. Swap out the feeding bowl for activity feeders and puzzle feeders. You can also use treats in scavenger hunts, by finding places to hide a few tasty titbits and encourage your furry best friend to sniff them out.

Don’t forget to maintain a healthy diet for your pet, and balance their meals out when using extra treats in training and enrichment activities.

Your walks with your dog can provide much needed mental and physical simulation. Take your dog for different types of walks – it can be great fun discovering new areas together, and new sights and smells will engage all of your dog’s senses. You can also play games on walks with your dog, such as tracking games - there are lots of ideas you can find online!

Enrichment can also help calm your dog. Our Kennels team keep our dogs relaxed and enriched by playing reggae music and using essential oils, Pet Remedy and Adaptil sprays and plug ins.

Cats can benefit from down time too, so be sure to spend some time with your feline friend each day, just hanging out and cuddling (if they’re in the mood).

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